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  • 11/04/16--06:52: Re: vCenter (HA) + ESXi Host
  • You nailed it. They state 2-nodes, however that does not account for the witness node. StarWind's Virtual SAN can truly provide HA with just 2-nodes. No need for a witness node at all.

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    Restoring to default resolved the issues on either version.  I left all 3 vmnets as is...did not change them, its working somehow automatically using bridged.

    Are you saying I can remove the other two?

    thanks, James

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    I am carrying out P2V task and i am getting FAILED: A general system error occurred:
    InternalError @98%
    please any help will be appreciated

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    OK, So I am getting a bit further now.....


    If I remove the Condition Set from Word 2013 and Excel 2013 the settings are retained following a logoff / logon/ This kind of proves that the slow attachment of the AppStack means that the Condition Set for Office 2013 which seraches for the Path %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office15" returns negative and the settingas are not loaded.

    I can open a support ticket with VMware to troubleshoot / resolve this. In the meanwhile I will add Office 2013 to the base image to prove this catagorically.


    As an aside, when I make changes that affect the, these changes are not retained either, even with the above fix in place. It seems that the default Office 2013 Templates do not 'manage' the location, so when I logoff the non-persistent desktop the Normal.Dot is deleted with it.


    I have used a UEM Folder redirection policy to redirect 'Roaming AppData', which redirects the Normal.Dot to a Network share, which is then imported next logon and the settings are retained. Is this the best mwthod to do this? or can I add the file path of the location to the UEM file location list to get UEM to manage it instead?


    Thanks in advance



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  • 11/04/16--07:04: ESXI 5.5.0 black screen
  • When i am starting ESXI 5.5.0 host after its initialization suddenly black screen comes and i cant do anything after that even i cant go to DCUI.

    professional guys please help i am in trouble.

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    If your using Vmware Stand alone converter so please make sure your source machine hardware devices (Memory, Hard disk, processor ..) can supported on target VM

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  • 11/03/16--15:03: vMSC with NSX questions
  • Hi,


    2 sites with vBlocks and using vPLEX for stretched storage with vMSC as well and a stretched layer 2.

    Replacing the existing network with NSX which is a good fit here with layer 2 DCI over VXLAN

    Keep existing vMSC and not using Cross-VC with NSX.

    I have read the design guide but have more question now that before I read it J page 13 -15 and 125 -129

    From the design guide, and what i understand, it seems I should have a couple of options but please correct me where i am wrong in my lists below.

    • Active/passive ESG with single site used for all egress (no universal objects)
      • Dynamic routing with single control VM
      • Logical networks stretched across 2 sites
    • Active/passive ESG with single site used for all egress (with universal objects)
      • UDLR with status = deployed
      • Local egress
      • ESGS with ECMP northbound
      • Logical networks stretched across 2 sites
      • Not really worth it since only a single
    • Active/Active ESGs with site specific egress (with universal objects)
      • no universal control VM – only static routing
      • Logical networks stretched across 2 sites
      • UDLR with status = Active



    For all these options, if you I want to use stateful services:

      • Install single ESG with HA enable for active/standby per site.
      • Replicate the stateful services manually across sites.



    My questions which i hope somebody can help me with:


    1. How do I configure multiple active ESGs?
      1. How do I set the ESGs to be either active or passive?
      2. I would assume you treat these just as physical routers with different GW IP address, is this correct?
    2. For any of these options, are there any manual intervention required for site failover?
      1. I know that HA is supported for vCenter, NSX Manager and NSX Controllers.
      1. What if I have all active ESG’s setup at both sites, will that be an automatic failover?
    3. With active/passive ESGs we can perform dynamic routing, is that a correct statement?
      1. Could we use OSPF or BGP?


    Thank you

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    I've re-try. It turns out that the reverse dns for the PSC and Vcenter not added. Because the failed vcenter installation i entered the ip of the PSC instead of the FQDN.


    After I removed the failed Vcenter from the PSC record and added the reverse dns record for psc and vcenter, the installation was successful.

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  • 11/04/16--07:39: Re: ESXI 5.5.0 black screen
  • Welcome to the Community,


    Just to rule this out, you didn't configure a Welcome Message (see, did you?

    What happens if you press "F2", or any other function keys like ALT-F12 on the host's console?



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    MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013) - Sierra 10.12.1 (16B2555).

    Same problem here. I have it since the last update from Fusion, not from Apple.

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    Добрый день.

    требуется больше информации, какая версия vCenter и какая версия  ESXi хост.

    Я сделал много миграции хранения (Storage) с VMware и не имели таких проблем.

    Вы говорите, что миграция во второй stroage (хранения)была успешной, это значит что Вы проверили все VMs

    и они   ключились и работали без проблем? , после этих проверок  реализовали работу в первом storage.

    Если этот произошлас 2-х из 6-VMs, а остальные VMs  работаютхорошо. это значит, что процесс миграции

    не удался или не был завершен  в 2 VMs.

    link: Storage vMotion fails with the error: Failed to copy one or more disks (2030986) | VMware KB

    Золотое правило при работе с Storage. всегда иметь full backup данных (Полное резервное копированиеданных )

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    Coming back to my first answer on this thread, is the Invoke-VMScript an option?

    In other words, do you have the VMware Tools installed on each of these VM?

    And do you have an common account with the required permissions to run the script on each of the guest OS of these VM?

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    It's a known issue that AppStacks might not be attached when UEM runs, so the UEM file/folder condition cannot be used in those cases.

    You could change the condition to a AD Security Group for instance (you can use the same group as for the AppStack delivery).


    Do not redirect AppData unless you really need to. It will have a (huge) negative impact on performance and kills the benefits of UEM.

    Simply add the file path of the location to the UEM file location list to get UEM to manage it instead.


    Where is located in your environment?

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    Добрый день

    требуется подробно описывают информацию :

    какая версия vCenter и какая версия  ESXi хост.

    тип карточки (NIC) ethernet b host  (изготовитель, firmware)

    driver, что используется в host



    Вы можете попробовать следующее:


    The virtual machine loses network connectivity after a reboot and the Connected option does not remain selected for the …

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    I usually use VMware Converter to migrate VMs from Hyper-V plattform to VMware plattform and that's never a problem when there's a short distance.

    From a VMware plattform to another VMware plattform I usually using SRM and thats neither never a problem even over really long distance. A very short downtime as well.


    But now I have customer for which I'm going to migrate, only 15 VMs, from Hyper-V to VMware and the distance are 500km. Sure, Converter will work but it will take some time to do it.

    It's between different datacenter suppliers therefore connecting SAN will not work.


    Any ideas?

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    Hello, I am getting the above trying to install my NSX Edge appliance (a DLR) in my test environment. I appreciate this is probably not a common or particularly helpful error, but I was after points on where to look to get to the bottom of it.I currently have no SYSLOG set up on my NSX Manager, and I was trying to look in the vCenter logs, but my browser keeps throwing internal errors while trying, so I am not getting too far.

    To provide a bit of background, I am running ESXi6 nested on ESXi6. I have two compute clusters and a management cluster with five hosts. NSX is installed on all, but VXLAN is only configured on the compute clusters which are in "local-transport-zone-a".

    I have several logical switches. Local-transit-A, and tier-1-A and tier-2-A. Tier-1-a contains a couple of VMs on, which can talk to each other, and tier-2-a contains one VM on

    My next job was to install a DLR to get connectivity between the two..


    When I click "finish", I see the edge appliance listed for a minute or two, before it disappears, and the "failed" counter increments.

    I have also tried the installation without Tier-2, just Tier-1.

    If I go to the NSX Manager, I can see systems events with a code of 30024 each time I try and create the LDR.

    Can anyone give me some pointers?


    Message was edited by: gregheywood

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  • 11/04/16--08:54: Maximum Resource Allocation
  • Hi All,


    What will be the maximum CPU ,memory can be allocated to a vm machine ?



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  • 11/04/16--08:58: vSAN not reported?
  • Hi,


    It seems like 3.5 doesn't report any usage for vSAN, has anyone else noticed this?

    I'll file a support ticket with VMware in the near future if noone else has this issue.



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  • 11/04/16--09:01: Reconfigure Storage vRA API
  • Looking to add a disk via REST API. 

    So we're doing a GET on https://$host/catalog-service/api/consumer/resources/$resourceid/actions/$resourceActionId/requests/template

    Then POST on https://$host/catalog-service/api/consumer/resources/$resourceid/actions/$resourceActionId/requests

    Anyone know what the exact content we are using?  Do you have to take the entire template with current default values + inject your new storage variables (which should only be $size per the GUI mandatory fields) ?


    just submit your new storage variables into the Content of the request

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    Every day, during the backup window receives about 10 alerts like this.

    Backups take longer than 12 hours to finalize

    Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?

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